Bernina Express Rhaetian Railway Review Of Tirano To Chur

In general, most people prefer the Bernina Express, because of its shorter duration the Bernina Express takes 4 hours while the Glacier Express takes 8 hours. On this approximately 4-hour ride on the Bernina Express, you’ll cross 196 bridges and traverse 55 tunnels. The Bernina Express is known as one of the most spectacular trains in the world, not for nothing does the train have to go through narrow valleys and through hairpin bends. The Bernina Express takes you through the entire canton of Graubunden.

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Many guests staying at our alpine hotel receive a 15-minute shuttle service to Tirano, the departure point of the Bernina Express. In my case, I chose to travel in the winter to get the authentic Swiss experience. However, my decision resulted in a major drawback that is nothing but the reduction of sunlight. In winter, the days are of course shorter and the sun sets quite early. Switzerland was no exception, allowing me to enjoy only 3/4 of the route scenery without experiencing the rest, as the last hour or so of the 4-hour trip was completely covered in darkness.

In a country where even daily commuter trains offer stunning views, it’s hard to decide which one to choose. It offers glaciers, mountain peaks, lakes, tunnels, the famous Brusio Spiral… Here’s everything you need to know about this beautiful train ride. The yellowish is the Trenord station, which is used by regional trains connecting Tirano to Milano Centrale. The other is the Rhaetian station from where the Bernina Express services begin their journey. Rhaetian Railway also has a bus that connects Tirano and Lugano and connects to the Bernina Express.

Step 4, at this stage it shows the total price of a seat reservation and a ticket, so you need to tell him that you only want the reservation, because you will buy the ticket separately. So, on the next page, change the Discount for each passenger drop-down list from No discount to Book only. This leaves the ticket behind and only the seat reservation remains. You should see the price drop to CHF 10, 24 or 26, depending on the time of year.

The Thusis – Valposchiavo – Tirano railway line has unesco world heritage status. Thanks to modern panoramic cars, you can enjoy unlimited views of the unspoilt alpine panorama. The Bernina Express takes you along the Bernina and Albula lines from Chur to Tirano. Travel by scenic train through the UNESCO World Heritage Site that connects linguistic regions and cultures. The route is known as the highest transalpine railway in Europe and leads 145 kilometers through 55 tunnels and more than 196 bridges and dizzying viaducts. If you can’t make a reservation for the panoramic carriages or want to save a few Swiss francs, you can find every empty seat on the Allegra unit in front of the train and enjoy the same journey without reservation.

In winter, if you just take the day trip, you’ll find that it might seem like there’s not much time to explore St. Moritz, and it really isn’t. But the train is the main event and the reason it returns so “early” in winter is so it doesn’t get dark during your train journey. I actually thought dusk was the most beautiful part of the train ride. Byway is a UK-based eco-holiday company Trenino Rosso with a 5-star TrustPilot rating. If you’re nervous about booking a train trip on your own, they’ll book a London-Italy trip through the Bernina Railway as a package, including overnight hotels, from any UK train station you want. Byway includes package protection, a 100% Covid money-back guarantee, free disruption and rescheduling, and on-demand WhatsApp support while you’re away.