Munich Is Better Than Berlin

Then you can read on below to learn more about the best things I’ve done here. In the boxes, you will find links that will take you directly to the corresponding section of the video. In the meantime, here’s a video of my time in Bavaria’s capital, to give you a real insight into this amazing city.

In 2014, Germany was named the world’s most popular place to visit, according to a survey conducted by the BBC World Service. Germany paints a beautiful picture of a diverse society hotel oktoberfest and more than 80 million people living there, including immigrants from other countries. It’s a celebration of autumn throughout Germany and you have to see it to believe it.

The atmosphere at Hofbräuhaus at night is extremely lively and cheerful, with people drinking, socializing and enjoying traditional live music in the background. Around the palace there is also a huge botanical garden that stretched as far as the eyes can see. The idyllic atmosphere is perfect for a leisurely stroll and plenty of photo opportunities. The park is located on top of the highest slope north of the city.

They also like to drink beer outside in Munich: the English garden has a big, but for a better kept secret, try the magical Zum Flacher on the River Isar with its inner bond. It was founded “only” in 1158, but quickly rose to prominence when it became an important power center for the ruling dukes of Bavaria. There are many beautiful historical sites for you to explore.

The best way to start your tour of Germany is to witness the damage the war has done. One of the most destructive events for Europe was World War II and caused maximum damage and loss in Germany. It was a relatively recent war, and monuments, monuments and museums mark the nation as a testimony to the destruction. If you are someone who enjoyed the old masters of the Gothic and Renaissance, you should take a look at the most important collections scattered throughout the country. See the galleries of the Old Masters in Berlin and Dresden, where you’ll notice the large oil paintings that can be studied without the outlines usually found throughout Europe.

Cafe Vorhoelzer Forum is a beautiful rooftop café in the city centre. The reason it’s so secretive is because it’s actually located in a university building, although anyone can visit it. The view here is really beautiful, and I’ve heard they do a great brunch on Sundays. Take a seat in one of the comfortable armchairs on the ceiling and… For many of Munich’s museums, admission on Sundays costs only 1 euro!

Germany has an extensive rail network and is second to none. You can buy a German rail pass that is valid for three days to fifteen travel days in a month. There’s no need to embark on the Beethoven Haus guided tour and bonn city bus tour to learn about German culture. The cultural institutions around you will give you insight into the rich culture of the destination. The East has remained unexplored for a long time, but it is worth exploring and has attracted many tourists over the years. Make the most of the beautiful city and don’t forget to enjoy the nightlife.