The Pros and Cons of Lab Grown Diamonds

Now, the lab grown diamonds are growing faster. Because they are affordable and arrive with a wide number of variations. And people love the diamonds for their stylish outlooks, as well.

But you cannot have the features in the natural diamonds. They have the typical look and less features. So, the lab grown diamonds Australia is the place of preference for many of the people.

However, there are some misconceptions regarding the lab diamonds. Mostly, they are thought as synthetic or artificial diamonds and has less value. But in reality, the scenarios are different.

So, let’s have a look on the advantages and disadvantages of lab grown diamonds.

Pros of lab diamonds

Ethical diamonds

First of all, the lab grown diamonds Australia are ethical. They are not gathered from conflict zones. In fact, the lab diamonds grow following the similar formation process of the natural diamonds. But they are grown in a laboratory environment. Hence, there are no ethical issues available. 

Economic option

At the same time, the lab grown diamonds are cost-effective. For instance, you have to spend around 100 bucks to get a natural diamond. But for the lab diamonds, the prices are 50 to 60 bucks. This is truly an economic solution.

The key reason behind the lower price is that they are sourced from laboratories. But the natural ones are extracted from mines, polished, exported or imported. And many more complications are there. Accordingly, the prices also go higher than lab pieces. 

Enhanced quality

What’s more, the lab grown diamonds Australia have superior level of quality. They are grown in a controlled laboratory environment. Thus, they get the desired colour, clarity and other features. And the customers can have the specific feature they need.

However, you need to spend more time with the natural diamonds to make them look better. 


Not complete replacement

Even today, people admire the natural diamonds than the lab grown diamonds. It is because of the long-followed tradition that the natural pieces are the best. Also, people believe the natural diamonds have a divine outlook as they are sourced from the earth crust. So, to some points, the lab diamonds are yet to replace their natural counterparts completely.  

Appealing issues

Besides, the lab diamonds are not rare. They are easily available across the world. In this sense, many diamond users still admire the natural diamonds. Being unique and exclusive, the natural diamonds are still dominating some regions.

Insufficient resale value

The lab diamond industry is still growing. It may take some more time for this industry to bloom properly. Hence, the resale value of those pieces is a bit lower than the natural ones. Considering this ground, many people prefer the natural ones.

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